Eleminis are cute mini elements! Air, Water, Rock, Fire and Plant. Collect all 5 unique Eleminis to win! Each Elemini is stronger than two others. Fire burns Air and Plant. Star is wild! Trash is bad! Action cards let you mix and move your own and your friends’ Eleminis.

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Eleminis is a fast and fun card game where players race to collect all 5 mini elements - Fire, Plant, Air, Water, and Rock. Each Elemini is stronger than two other Eleminis. For example, Fire can beat Plant and Air. Use the Eleminis you draw to build your collection or stop your opponents. But watch out! Wild Stars, dirty Trash, and crazy Action cards can change everything quickly. Can you be the first to collect all 5 Eleminis and win?

Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game
"Eleminis is one of those games that fits the bill for both kids and adults."
Lisa Reviews
"This is our new favorite game."
"...there’s a real 'take that!' element to the game."
Perpetual Geek Machine
Eleminis Card Game

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